About The Beauty & Destruction Of Our Planet

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It is the vast and all the countless minor man-made environmental catastrophes, it is the countries far away and it is again and again the pristine beauty of a small, almost forgotten stretch on Germany‘s map called „Wendland“ that runs like a golden thread through all my stories. 


A permanent and delicate balancing act. 

Just like life.

  How did the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima impact 
     every day life in Japan?

  How is life today in the deserted evacuation zone around the

     exploded nuclear power plant of Chernobyl

   What kind of atmosphere do you face in a shut-down nuclear

      power plant?

  How does it feel 750 metres below ground in the close 

     to collapse nuclear waste dump Asse? 

  What remains of the first German nuclear reactor of 1942 
      still exist today? 

  How does a transport of nuclear waste unhinge everyday life in an entire district? 

  How eco-friendly is the so-called clean gas gathering including fracking in reality? 

  How does it feel, if your century-old village is supposed to vanish for an open pit coal-mining?

  What kind of toxic legacy slumbers in an abandonded chemical plan in Eastern Germany? 

  How was life in an interrogation jail of the former Eastern German intelligence apparatus? 

  And what surprising moments can you observe at the brink of recent politics


You are invited to find out!

But there are stories about the almost invisible, pleasant moments in life as well: 

  Discover the enchanting faces of Java and Bali

  Follow me on a side trip into the art of French cuisine


  Feel the vibrant fascination of a sunrise in May.  


  Admire the majestic mood and glowing blue of the twilight hour


  And again and again, enjoy the impressions from a charming area called Wendland (located between Hamburg and Berlin in Germany). 

Discover the stories within my photos and essays.


Stories of beauty and destruction. 

Stories to bewitch and unsettle. 

Stories about life. 


You will encounter these stories in my photo exhibitions, in my lectures, my Fukushima book, my photo book about
Chernobyl, at the Online Galery Seen.By and in the Wendland magazine LANDLUFT


Enjoy the expedition!

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